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FXR Blade Helmet

Blade Race Div from FXR is a stylish, lightweight helmet made of carbon fiber and Kevlar®!

With the Hi-Flow visor, the air resistance decreases, in order to counteract a lifting force and to shield off the sun. The screws on the helmet peak are easy to adjust with gloves on.

Interior design of Dual Density EPS Liner works for better comfort and dual density inner shell for high absorbency.
The helmet is adapted to fit with modern neck braces to better protect your neck and head.

With 10 gates that let air in, and 4 that let the air out, Blade 2.0 Race keeps a good ventilation to maintain a good temperature in the helmet.

- Additional rubber edge on the chin protector
- Equipped with quick release buckle
- The breath box is removable and adjustable
- Removable and washable inner lining that keeps the helmet fresher for longer.