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If you are looking to get a set up on your bike, you came to the right place. We can help you get set up to have one of the best systems. 

SinisterSound gives you the best aftermarket motorcycle audio system upgrade solution for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. The SinisterSound promise is not the empty hype you find from others in the sound design market.  We have meticulously performed many years of research and development. We test our speaker system designs in the environments they will be used; on motorcycles at typical road speeds with normal ambient noise. Our systems are designed and built for motorcycles, not cages. Our fairing speaker & amp system alone is a major upgrade and will be heard, loud and clear, even at highway speeds. Your music will sound full, dynamic and crystal clear at high volume. Our speaker design produces up to twice the mid-bass when compared to other systems. We simply provide our customers with top quality, friendly support and Crystal Clear Sound You Can Feel.